Friday, September 19, 2008

Ribbon Barrettes

Project level:Easy
Project list:
 1/8 inch double faced ribbon
-2 to 4 colors-1 to 3 yds
 2 to 4 inch
double bar barrette(Goody brand has them and you can find them in any drug store, dept. store , supermarket, etc. in the hair accessory section).

wearing some of my ribbon barrettes here.

 I made these when I was in elementary school. I even sold them. Back then I added beads to the ribbon ends. You could add beads to the ends but make sure they aren't too heavy. I made these with 4 inch double bar barrettes. I used about 3 yards of each color ribbon(the ribbon reach the bottom of my back). I have a tutorial link at the end of this with really good pictures and directions. I just remembered how to do them and just found this link.
Different style to them -add one sparkle ribbon to the other satin ribbons -add beads to the ends(wooden,shiny,glass,skulls) -earth tone ribbons or dark Gothic ribbons,etc -add a skull ribbon for a pirate barrette
I plan on wearing some with my Halloween costume.Can always clip your flowers to these. Also, could wear these instead of hair falls. instruction link@
Peyote stitch barrette@
ribbon kits@

Goth ones@
Goth Bat everything@
feather and bead ones@

Vendors of ribbon
skull ribbon@ Thu, October 18, 2007

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