Thursday, September 18, 2008

Penny Barrettes

Project Level(Easy)
Project List: Jewel it
Glue Coins(real coins or fake)
metal craft barrettes (any size)

These barrettes are the easiet to make. I added some more coins on the pictured one but you can just have the one row of barrettes. I made one of these back in 94' and I still use it. I found that Jewel it glue to be the only one glue that holds in place. I've tried all kinds of glue including cement glue and gorilla glue and not only did the coins come off but the toxic fumes from them was gross. Plus, you have to wear gloves when using those toxic glues. Never again. Jewel it glue is non toxic, no fumes that are toxic, if you get it on your hands its no big deal and its washable while drying clear. Can be used on fabric too.

 Using Jewel it , I just glued the first row of pennies on those metal barrettes you can buy at any craft store. Then after a few hours, I glued the row on top of the first row. Let it dry for a least 24 hrs or more. I drilled holes in some of the pennies and added rows of pennies to them.

 Instructions for drilling coins

Instead of coins you could put flowers,beads,buttons,bone,shells,ribbon,fabric,shrink it items(another blog on that soon),toys party items,bottle caps,minature doll stuff,etc.

Instuctions from the web

make barrettes out of cds

Vendors Metal French Barrettes -all sizes

Other types of barrettes
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