Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hair Flowers

Project level-Easy
Project List: Flowers Glue(I like Aleene's jewel it glue)
 Hair clips
There are many ways to make these. I have links to tribe threads on this. Some people like using hair elastics, some use alligator clips, hair bands,etc. I use the basic hair salon clips.(the kind they use to part your hair to move it out of the way while cutting). I find alligator clips a bit too aggressive for my hair but I have thick hair. Someone with non curly finner hair , alligator clips would work.You can also glue them to hair bands or hair rubber bands.

I use Aleene's Jewel it glue. Its strong enough to glue coins to a barrette but dries clear, is non toxic, does not smell and is washable. I strongly suggest to never use hot glue. Hot glue is useless unless your doing your child's school project. Otherwise don't ever use it for your costumes. I have a link below to where to purchase flowers. Craft stores, fabric stores,etc...

All I do is pop off the stem and if the leaves are too big they come off too. Then I put glue on the bottom of the flower and just place the salon hair clip on top. Just dab some glue the length of the clip then wait an hour and then put the clip on it. It sticks better. I stick a pin in between the metal clip so the glue doesn't stick both ends of the hair clip.Do this on top of newspaper and out of the way so it doesn't get knocked over(like my fricken cats like to do). Also, some crafters add a piece of felt between the flower and the clip. Optional-depending on your flower too. Wait at least 24 hrs for the glue to adhere and you got yourself your own handmade hair flower. You can basically make them out of any flower, and color , any size. You can glitter on them. Also, you can make them into barrettes. There's glitter paint or glue. You can just do the edges or the whole flower.

Pictures of me with flowers

I made one Japanese Kanzashi type.

I have below links to make different kinds. I also have links below of belly dancers who make and sell them. Links to Hawaiian, Mexican, Goth, Japanese(Kanzashi) flowers vendor links.

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Tribe threads on hair flowers What type of clips Sources for flowers

links how to make them Japanese Kanzashi flowers
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items for making Asian inspired items

Gothic hair
 Scroll down a little

Tissue Mexican flowers flowers&rsc=ns2006_pic_m3

 Crochet Flowers flamenco combs,2025,DIY_13762_2784541,00.html

Vendors of belly dance flowers

Vendors of Hair Flowers

Flameco style

Tango flowers

Hawaiian Flowers

Photo with a Dancer with flowers in her hair

Gothic Hair

Japanese Kansachi flowers

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