Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hakama Pants

Project Level - Easy to Moderate Easy
Project List-
1.Depending how tall you are 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 yards of your choose of fabric.
2.2 1/2 inch wide elastic
3.Measuring tape

Pattern measurements-List on bottom
I wanted a new look for pants besides harem/pantaloons and add some martial arts look to a costume I was going to wear for a bo staff belly dance piece. I found these modified Hakama pants pattern that would be great for my new costume.

What are Hakama pants?
Traditional Japanese Hakama pants are worn today by Martial artists or in traditional Japanese ceremonies,etc.
I saw this pattern here and modified it.
It has this long tie around which I took apart and redid an elastic waistband instead.
The waist band is about 3 inches wide with 2 1/2 inch wide elastic.

I also sewed it up on the sides where traditionally the sides aren't sewn all the way up.
They are quite easy to sew up and the pleats on this modified one are easy. Traditional Hakama pants have a back board on them.
I wasn't interested in getting this technical with it. I just omitted this and I think this pattern doesn't even have a section to add to it.
The pleats are easy but they also mean something.
I plan on making another pair sometime.
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