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Tiered Skirts

Project -(intermediate to advance)
Project list: lots of fabric(from cotton,brocade,challis,chiffon,etc)
 sewing machine trims(the sky is the limit in what you can use)

  Tiered skirts are a beautiful type of skirt for all kinds of dancing. I have always noticed these skirts on all Hispanic folk dances and other folk dances of the world. I wore these when I was younger and this skirt has the bottom eyelet of one of those middle school skirts.
I used Simplicity Pattern 4420

but I had to cut smaller pieces to make that one large tier piece on the pattern. I wanted to make a multi tiered skirt and at the time there was no patterns for it. I suggest going through the patterns to see all the different style tiered skirts. Also, for us bigger girls , I wanted the stomach and hip part snug and not flowing. Its not flattering to us and plus its too bulky for your belts.(at least to me).
For gathering I have heard seamstresses use dental floss, quilter thread,etc. I just use regular thread and gather it up by sewing many gathering sections so in case it breaks I don't have to start all over. Just have to redo that section. I use the widest stitch on my machine to do this. [for other suggestions keep reading below in the comments from other dancers] I used cotton fabric and brocade.(I have a thing for brocade).
Zena's diy blog for tiered skirt measurements@

Zena's diy blog for the skirt itself@

Natalie B's description

Site w/instructions@

A site w/instructions @

 instructions @

Black Swan Tribe@(has actual pattern pieces to print out)

the costume goddess

Circle skirts and tiered skirts

Etana's Diy blog with instructions for a tiered skirt for beginners@

another site w/instructions@

Atlantis profile instructions@

 circle skirt

circle skirt

Calculation site for circle skirt, Gored(panel) , or flounce skirt

crochet edging links(if instead of lace crochet your own edging)

How to tuck in your skirt 3 different ways-on bottom of link

I would love for any other suggestions on making this project easier . Also, other suggestions for fabric, notions and trims. Let me know if you made one -I would love to see a picture of it. A few sites to see in case you like one but would have someone else make it are

Vendors below
me of course

Europe source

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