Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tassel Fringe Belt

Project level:Intermediate
Project List: Left over fabric belts from jeans or clothing (good sources are 2nd hand stores, dept. stores that have clearance on belts,etc)
yarn in different colors
wooden beads

Original instructions for making tassels and another form of tassel belts go(has the link for the making tassels site)either or

This was actually quite easier than the fabric tassel belt I made. I used two fabric jean belts(left over stuff from my work)for the base. I had made my tassels (again to the link above for instructions to make tassels) in different colors to complement my patchwork skirt.
I used acrylic yarn to make my tassels. I added wooden beads to the ties and the yarn holding the tassels. After putting the tassels in order of which color would be next to which one I decided to add fringe. Big mistake as the fringe gets tangled on the yarn holding the tassels and the coin belt I wore on top. So for future headaches DON'T ADD FRINGE.
Or don't wear a coin belt on top. Anyway, I pinned the tassels and sewed them in between the two fabric belts with a decorative stitch. It looks good and I'm tempted to cut the fringe but nay maybe I can make the fringe shorter.
I hope this helps in finding cheaper ways to make tassel belts. Wed, November 8, 2006 - 7:09 AM

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