Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mermaid Hair Falls

Project level-Easy
 Project List: Paillettes sequins(ebay or craft store)
 Capiz 1 inch shells(found mine on ebay)
 teal/green seaweed looking yarn(any craft store)
black yarn Sea shells(beach and Joann)
Irridescent beads(Joann Fabrics)
Syntheic hair(colored and regular)

I finally finished these. I first started with my teal/green seaweed looking yarn and black yarn. I added syntheic blue and turqoise hair. I made a knot with a circle and tied everything together.I started braiding at the top then started adding shells both capiz and other types of shells to the black yarn. I also added irridescent paillettes to it and a string of (I used that fishing line type of wire)irridescent beads.After it was all braided I tied off the ends and added some weave in curly syntheic hair. This is how came out so long. I also made other items for this costume and will post pictures of those later on. Mermaid barrettes

Mermaid costume with my mermaid hair falls

Blue/Green Tribaret Costume with Mermaid Hair Falls

Vampire Mermaid costume

I used the links below for help in making them-including the braiding system used in the link below. Info on making cowrie hair falls @
 Lori's instruction with pictures on making cowrie ones@
Denise's Cowrie Fall Tutorial
Hair tassels @ Lmk if you have any questions. braiding systems link@ huge list of tutorials for different used of synthetic hair

Also for vendors who sell them (please add a link if I forgot someone)
 K-Lee @
Kyla @
Gorgeous cowrie falls@
Shahlah @
 Layla @
Wicked Harem Bellydance Crystal Kini Designs@
Dreadocks @
Amaltheas Attic
I kick Shins
Yarn falls -e-mail Belilah on her site
Dawn O @
Desert Lotus @
Auralynne @
Exoskeleton Cabaret @
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