Thursday, October 2, 2008

Penny Coin Necklace

Project level: intermediate to advance
Project List: coins of your choice
0-rings or 8mm split rings
glass beads
drill 1/16 drill bit

I love playing with pennies. They make such nice jewelry. I made a belly dance bra using Irish coins (previous blog) and I had been planning on making more items with pennies. This necklace does take a little while to make.

First you must decide how long you want it. Then spread out your coins the way you want it. Then decide where's the best place to put your holes. You can see on the pictures-I decided to do 3 holes on the outside coins , 4 on the inside coins and 3rd row from the top-5 holes. I drilled 91 coins total. Depending on your coin and how you place your coins it can more or less coins used. I used a drill press in my hubby's garage to do this. Wear goggles doing this in case of any metal pieces fly off the drill bit. Be careful and make sure burs are filed down. I've sliced skin open because of burs.

Using pliers , place the 0-rings or split rings into the holes and connect the coins. I added glass beads to certain parts of the necklace.You can place them anywhere you like.I also added a pendant to the red coin penny necklace. I used two toggles for the back closure. picture of me wearing mine

Penny necklace Coin rings and more

Vendors there is a lot of vendors of real coin necklace so you can google this but here's 2 me of course at and cost less costumes -look at the costume pages and its mixed in there with all other parts of costumes Mon, August 11, 2008


esther said...


It would be great to see if you use pressed pennies to make this necklace, or that bra. :)

Erika said...

it would be cool to try
; )