Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Copper Coin Bra

Project Level-Advance for this bra other coin bras -beginner to advance depending how you make it
Project List:
Irish Coins
Split Rings-8mm and 6mm
Copper Chain
Copper Washers
 Brocade Copper Fabric
Nice underwire Bra
Gross grain ribbon
Big sturdy hooks
Fray check

I finally finished this coin bra. I bought the coins from Velvet Peacock Designs back in 06'.
I worked on and off this for over 2 months. I bought a nice clearance bra and covered it with brocade fabric.I used fray check on the inside so my seams on the brocade wouldn't fray. I took off half of the top straps and cut off only the hooks of the back. I didn't cut my bra sides cause I didn't need to for me. If you perform a lot , you should because the elastic side straps will eventually give out. I added gross grain ribbon to the back and the top straps and cover it with my fabric. I did many fittings including getting a few needle pokes in my back.

Here are some links on how to cover your bra:
Anthea Costumes

There's many other items to add like 0-rings, etc. but I will leave that for later. I drilled all these coins on a drill press.My poor fingers hurt after awhile from the burs but it was much easier than drilling them by hand. I drilled four holes in each coin so I could connect them.
Previous blog on drilling coins

I used split copper rings to do this. I bought mine at W mart. There's better split rings but I was on a budget and they work pretty good. After I had them all draped like a necklace, I sewed them onto the bra cups and middle.I used quilter's thread to sew on the coins. I added necklaces on the very top and the bottom middle.

This was all very time consuming so I did it at night while watching T.V. I also added chain drape on the bottom with Irish pennies on it. I drilled a copper washer and that was my middle piece where the drape hangs from. I also connected the small split rings and made chains of them and connected them to parts of the coins on the top. Gave it a cool metal look.
This is a project that I waited on making cause I knew not only is a bit hard but time consuming.

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Velvet Peacock Designs for the Irish Pennies please ask for them because they are not up on the site yet


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Coin Drapes, Bras and Belts by Costless Costumes Fri, June 20, 2008

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