Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I hate 2020


I've been having fun with making new banners and card for my Etsy sites. Sorry I haven't been around. My job has been nuts since Covid . Also since Covid , I haven't been able to take my karate classes, belly dance classes. I had to quit the gym since it didn't reopen till August but only certain times. I went to a 24 hr gym so I could go at night after work so since they have bankers hours , I can't go. I made a gym at my home but it isn't the same. Even missed Halloween last year. I won't even get into the Political crap. Worst of all I couldn't see my parents the entire year. I can't even imagine all the people who had to deal with the loss of their jobs, homes and health problems from covid. I'm so sorry for the loss of so many lives to covid.  2020 can go kill itself. 

So, perhaps I will post more this year. Let's hope this year is not as terrible.

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