Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Skull Cameo Ring

From Joann Fabrics -directions here


  • Cousin®:
    Black Lace Covered Accent (1 pk)
    4mm Black Bicones (1 pk)
    4mm Black Glass Rounds (1 pk)
  • Stretch cord (8")
  • Crimp Tubes (4 pc)
  • Mod Podge® waterbase sealer
  • E6000® Adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimping pliers
  • Skull/design on paper
1. Trim the loops off of the black lace accent.
2. Apply the sealer to the center section of the accent, covering the lace. Brush the sealer onto the back of the printed design.
3. Adhere the paper onto the center of the accent. Press the paper down to keep it smooth along the curve of the accent. Brush additional sealer on top of the paper and continue to smooth the edges down.
4. Let the sealer dry, if the paper is not completely smoothed down while it' still tacky, brush on more sealer and smooth the paper down.
5. Allow the sealer to dry.
6. Apply a ring of glue along the edge of the center of the accent.
7. Place the bicones along the glue line, keeping a tight oval shape.
8. Apply an additional thick layer of sealer.
9. Let the glue and sealer dry.
10. Cut two 4" lengths of stretch cord.
11. Using crimp tubes, attach the two cords to the loops on one side of the accent.
12. Thread 12 beads onto each strand (or more for a comfortable fit).
13. Attach the cords to the other side of the accent loops using the remaining crimp tubes. Trim the excess cord.

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