Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ghost Ring and Bracelet

Instructions from Joann's here


  • Plaid® Inspired Classics™:
    Simple Band Rings
    Bat/Ghost Charms
    Oct 31 Charms
  • Jewelry glue
  • Flush cutter
  • Sand paper or small metal file
  • Bracelet
  • Plaid® Inspired Classics™:
    Halloween Bracelet
    Halloween Glitzy Beads
    RIP Owl Charms
    Cat Hat Witch Charms
    Jeweled Spider / Gem Web
    Spider' Breath Charms
    2 Book of Spells Charms
    Flower / Gem Charms
    Bat/Ghost Charms
    Skull Key Charms
    2 Earrings
  • Jump Rings
  • Silver head pins
  • Needle nose liers
Cut metal loop off of top of Oct 31 Charm.
2. Cut metal loop off of top of Ghost Charm.
3. Using sand paper or a metal file, sand off any rough patches left behind from the metal loops.
4. Glue ghost to front of Oct 31 charm. Let glue dry, approximately 10 minutes.
5. Lay combined ghost and Oct 31 charm face down and apply glue to underside of Oct 31 charm. Position preferred ring above charm at desired angle and press ring into glue.
6. Let glue dry thoroughly before wearing.

String faceted and round beads through head pins and make a loop at the top of each one as pictured.
2. Attach beads and charms to bracelet as pictured.

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