Sunday, November 27, 2011

Xmas Ideas

Xmas Ideas to make the most of Xmas.

1. Instead of buying people some junk that they will never use, donate that 5.00 dollars or whatever you want to spend, to a charity in their name.
2.Make handmade gifts for family members like cookies, cakes. Simple handmade items like scarves, bags, pillow cases as they will appreciate it more than store bought gifts.
3. Ask your kids if they will either make or buy some gift(some charities will take used stuffed animals in good condition) and donate them to charities that give to kids who don't have much. Think hospitals with sick children, Child centers for abused children, Military families with a loved one away for Xmas. It would mean a lot to these children. Perhaps your local church sponsor's families.
4.Make Xmas ornaments,cookies or other items with your kids instead of buying them. I had a blast making the glass ornaments with my boys.
5.If you do gift cards-why don't you buy grocery or gas cards for that person. Many of us had our butts saved with a gift card for gas when we are broke.
6.Help out an elderly neighbor who has a hard time during winter. Maybe offer to drive them to the grocery store or shovel their steps when it snows.
7.Handwritten letters with your Xmas cards. It is nice to receive a hand written letter.
8.Go to one Xmas event that you really, really want to go. Skip the rest. Go to a production of the Ballet Nutcracker or the Symphony Orchestra or a nice fun party that  you want to go to.
9.Don't spend what you don't have. Make sure you take care of your household bills and other bills before you buy that gift. As much as it sucks -your bills won't take a holiday.
10.Most of all, enjoy your time with your family. Have fun celebrating Jesus's Birthday.

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