Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grinch Had the Right Idea

    I really don't like Christmas. Why? Maybe it has to do with working in retail for over 12 years . Maybe it's because I am a woman who has to do all the cleaning, shopping, wrapping, mailing, searching, setting up and whatever else is involved for Xmas to happen. Maybe it's because I'm an adult and can buy anything I want on my own and really don't want anyone spending money on an unthinking last minute gift that will go to Goodwill.

  With the onslaught of horrible Xmas commercials and the pushing of Black Friday for over a week, I feel the disgust. Yes, I think waking up early on the day after Thanksgiving for purchase of more stuff I don't need is stupid,(by the way most of us with a life have to work on that day  or thoughtful people spend time with family members who came to visit). I hated working on Black Friday when I was in retail. With the overflow of  grouchy customers not getting what they want and/or not getting rung quick enough. Heaven forbid you asked to get relieved after 5 hours of ringing up people for a break.
The constant bombardment of spend,spend,spend and purchase this expensive gift for the one you love so they will still love you has made Xmas such a money machine driven holiday. What happened to just enjoying each other's company for one day?

  I miss handwritten mailed Xmas cards and no, greetings e-cards do not count. Also, the gift card  to stores that you never step into is another lack of taking time to care. I miss handmade gifts like cookies or candy or other delicious things that melt in your mouth.

  Anyway, I will mail out my Xmas cards that are handwritten, make my gifts and hopefully have the day off on Xmas Eve so I can sit down and not worry about anything and just enjoy the hanging out with my family and perhaps maybe I won't be such a Grinch but I still think he had the right idea.

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