Monday, November 14, 2011

Joker Costume Part 1

I made this costume about 10 years ago and still keeps my family happy.
The first pictures are of my 13 year old son as Joker. I had to sew up the pants back because he's very slim.
My hubby dressed up as Joker too but added a top hat for the Gothic Steampunk Halloween Ball. I let out the pants so he could wear them.
I dressed up the for the Ball as Catwoman but no, I don't have any photos of me.
I bought the green shirt at Goodwill. I made the vest out of simple vest pattern and the coat. The coat was a bitch to make at the time. Now I don't think I would have problems since costume patterns have been made better. You could use the current coat patterns to make Joker's coat. The pants , I remember making from a zoot suit pattern. I don't have any of these patterns anymore so I can't give you details.
Enjoy-oh-my son also did Nurse Joker.

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