Monday, November 21, 2011

Marbled Xmas Ornaments

Pouring paint inside the glass ornament.

With his fruit punch mustache, Sean shakes the paint inside the glass ball to spread it.

Nice mess, huh.

Still shaking the paint in it.

Pouring more paint.

Adding purple to his blue ornament.

Shake , Shake , Shake.

This is my dinning room table squished with glass ornaments painted by my kids but mostly my 9 year old. As you can see from the photos he enjoys making them and the mess with it. I suggest if you do this craft with your kids make sure they wear an old shirt and pants. Also make sure you cover your table very well . I used newspaper underneath with a pizza box on top.

This craft creates nice results. Your kids can pour all  kinds of color in there and it ends up looking great after it's been mixed.
We  made about 50 ornaments and I will have them make more. 

I used Joann's Fabrics acrylic paints(about 59 cents each) and you can add medium to the ball before you pour the paint inside but it is not necessary. I suggest letting the glass balls dry for about 3 days and make sure you empty them of excess paint inside.

I will be wrapping ribbon around them and then hanging them on our tree this coming week.

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