Monday, November 28, 2011

Xmas Sales @Los Chiquitos,Erika's Chiquis, Erika's Chiquis' Jewelry

 If you need an awesome gift -shop Etsy. I have bought most of my Xmas gifts on Etsy. I can't tell you right now what they are just in case my family reads this but I find it so much easier to browse online and find something handmade.

I  am having a 10% off sale in all my Etsy stores from Nov. 27 through Dec. 3. Come and visit. There are many gifts under 10 dollars in all 3 sites.

Cloth Diapers, Cross Stitch Bookmarks, Pillowcases, Crochet Washcloths, Panty Liners and More

OOAK Patchwork Skirts, Dance Hair Accessories, Crochet Corsets, Wrist Warmers and More

Steampunk/Gothic/Pirate/Vampire/Belly Dance and More Earrings, Hair Pins, Pony Tails, Bracelets, Chokers, Necklaces & More

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