Monday, November 14, 2011

The Gorilla, The Banana and the Circus Ring Leader-with a little help from Sonic

Here's a photo of our costumes together. Only my 9 year old doesn't quite fit with all of us but he was adorable anyway.
Hubby is the gorilla, 13 year old is the banana and me.

We had fun walking around but hubby had the greatest time hiding and playing with the kids trick or treating. He scared a few but took of his mask for the children who were very scared. What's funny is he even scared adults. Yeah-that's what Halloween is about.

The banana and gorilla costume were rented from Drapeau's Costume shop in Lisbon . Absolutely awesome costume shop.  I also rented the red petticoat under my skirt and my son's Nurse Joker dress.(Yes, I'll have the photo up soon).
You need a costume-you need to definitely go there. I had to rent the Nurse Joker outfit the same day and she opened early for me and got it for me in about 10 minutes. Yeah-cool huh.

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