Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stash Organization by Fabric Therapy

Fabric Therapy:Fabric Organization
If you want a detailed instruction on how to store your stash,UFOs,scraps and other sewing items-you have to see Teresa
on her blog Fabric Therapy. She has it all outlined and you will be amazed at this lady's detail and organizational skills of her sewing area and fabrics.My favorite thing is that her sewing area is in the basement so I can relate to her way more than to those super fancy sewing rooms that I will never achieve. Plus, my goal is to organize my sewing room better which this section is fantastic.

As you can see at the top of this page this is some of her fabric stash in her quilt cave.This is her first section on organizing fabric-here

Fabric Therapy:Scrap Organization
Her organization of her scraps is amazing. I can't even do it justice talking about it here. Just take a look on part 2-here

Fabric Therapy:UFO Organization

This section on UFO organization will inspire you to organize and start finishing up those long lost projects-here

Fabric Therapy:Tool Organization

Awesome ways of organizing all those items we use to sew,take apart,etc-here

Fabric Therapy:Organizing Books,Magazines and other paper work.


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