Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Year-Finish Project 3

        I haven't posted recently on my progress on the UFO list. I told you that I had finished the top for the belly dance outfit, my son's sweatshirt and the shirt. I will post photos of those soon. I've also almost finished the Xmas quilts-yes, there was enough fabric for 3 quilts. I have to put the backing on 2 of them. I plan on finishing them this week. I know I had Feb. and March to finish but I was working 6 days a week sometimes 8 to 10 days in a row.
    So, my next project will be finishing the Mata Hari inspired costume that has been on hold since 06. I want to finish this by the end of this month. Then the next project will either be the Halloween quilt or the belly dance skirt. I've looked at the skirt and found all the fabric for it. I even have the design of what I wanted to look like still pinned to it.

    I've bought even more Halloween fabric. I have so much of it I could probably make 2 but I plan on making a King size quilt.
   One last thing-I found the pattern for a dress I wanted to make awhile ago. It isn't on my UFO list as I haven't even bought the fabric for it.
   So, I've been sewing away the UFOs and PHDs. I also want to finish some of the Lolita and patchwork skirts that are half way done.

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