Monday, April 22, 2013

Diy Storing Ideas for Sewing Notions

Well, I just redid my sewing room. I didn't like how it was turning into a mess again and I didn't like how I stored a lot of sewing items. Too many things out in the open made it look messy. I will post photos of it soon with before and after shots but for now I thought I give you some ideas to make your storage solutions for notions.

A nice rack for ribbons and yarn. Details on here
Better Homes and Garden ideas here
More info here

How to paint mason jar lids and add fabric from the Cottage Home-here
From Mothering in a Shoe -How to dye clothes pins -Here
Here's what to do with those painted mason jar lids from Always Nesting-here
Here's another Example of painted lids on mason jars from Amy Giggles Design-here
From Spool and Spoon-using the clothespins for organizing floss-here
Wrapping ribbon around the clothespin from Delightful order -here

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