Friday, August 29, 2008

Wire Bracelets

I've been playing around with wire since the late 80's and been trying to do jewelry since then. I really got better at it in the middle of the 90's and now I'm still okay but know so much more than before. Also back then you had to go to the hardware store and buy that wire. It was either silver or black. Now you have colors galore. Some quick references of links to make and blogs knitting with wire-Samantha Bear chick using memory wire Leslie Todd-wire wrapping


Leslie Todd said...

Hi Erika! Your bracelets are terrific. Very unique. Don't you just love bangles? My hand is so big (well, inflexible really) that I have to make bangles if I want to wear one. Thanks for the link, too.

Erika's Chiquis said...

Thanks Leslie.
Yours are gorgeous and thats why I linked you. Beautiful items. My hand is small but wide so I yes, I do love them because it does make it easier.