Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Blog

I started a blog. Well not really. I do have a diy blog on I probably will put that info. from there on here too but wanted another place to show more pictures. If you want to see my tribe diy blog go to Anyway, I will talk and post pics of sewing, jewelry, crafting, etc. Try to post information and links to other websites for ideas. I also wanted to update on things I am making for my two sites where I sell cloth diapers, patchwork bellydance skirts, etc. Erika's Chiquis Los Chiquitos Diapers I won't post everyday or maybe I'll post more than once in a day. It just depends. Last thing-I've been sewing skirts this week. Next week I'll be putting up diapers. Maybe sometime soon it will stop raining too and I can do something outdoors.

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