Thursday, August 21, 2008

Martial Arts & Dance

Photo by Jaiyana I did fuse Karate and Belly dance together for my last solo. It was nerve wracking cause I really couldn't practice it totally since I was using a bo staff. I used the bo like a cane for half of the dance and used it like a bo in the other half. Unfornatetly , you can't practice with a bo in your house so you have to go outside. Outside is a problem when there's still snow or when your husband's business has all kinds of people in and out of here. I felt uncomfortable having people watch since I was practicing. I even had one guy drive by doing movie martial arts noises and I went in after that. I did it but next time I will have to see about a place to practice. Oh, and I did make my whole costume except for the hip scarf. I will blogs on tribe for the Hakama pants, Geisha top, karate necklace and earrings. I already have a blog for my throwing star barrettes. Speaking of which there's a tribe where there's martial artists and belly dancers on it and a awesome dancer with both skills-check out her vids too Morgana Tribe

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