Friday, August 15, 2008

Sewing Machine Needles

Learning about needles is another important aspect of sewing. I know I forget to change mine or sometimes sew with the wrong kind. Here's a list of needle size and what to use it for European (American) 60(7) Delicate Silk, Silk-like, Voile 70(9) Lightweight Lightweight polyester, microfiber 80(12) Medium weight Cotton, Cotton Blends 90(14) Medium to Heavy weight Corduroy, Wool 100(16) Heavyweight Denim 110(18) super heavy weight upholstery fabrics Tips Sharp point(regular)Ideal for all woven fabrics. Ball Point designed for knit and elastic fabrics. Wedge point designed for leather and vinyl, easily pierces these fabrics to make a hole that will close back upon itself. Eliminating u nattractive holes: reducing the risk of the stitches tearing the fabric. Replace dull, bent or nicked needles. If you hit a pin, you should immediately change the needle as it may cause skipped stitches and damage your fabric by tearing the fabric yarns. Great site for information about needles including double needles and even triple needles Sewing machine needle chart

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