Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrappy Quilt Blocks

These are my green quilt blocks. As you can see I randomly put them together. These are scraps from  items I made in the past. I can see two of my father's shirts, skirts and just random scraps from my mil.

These are my blue blocks mixed with some green. If I ran out of a color I would try to match it with another to finish a block. I am still working on cutting the blue fabric but I finished sewing all the green blocks. I am about to work on the red fabric scraps. I'm also getting ready the yellow, orange and pink.

These are my purple blocks and these are all cut out and sewed and trimmed. I added some blue to some of the blocks that didn't have enough strips. That is how easy these are. Just sew some strips up and trim them down with rotary cutter to the size you want them to be.
How to make a scrap quilt from Pleasant Home

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