Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School Coupons

Here are some deals that were broad casted on the Today Show.

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I don't know about you but I don't have over 600 dollars to spend on each child(I would see this and even up to 1000.00 per child while I worked in retail) so this is how I save money for the back to school.

1.First go through your kids clothing. Most of the time they really don't need to much unless they had a major growth spurt.You will need at least one pair of shoes but check if they really need more than that.I usually buy 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of t-shirts. Perhaps some underwear but usually you don't need too either.
2.Haircuts-make sure you get them early.Perhaps there's a local hair stylist that has a special. My hubby cuts my kids hair but with girls you will need to check around for the those deals.
3.Backpacks-I buy mine from L.L.Bean( They last forever(I had my college pack for over 10 years)and are reasonably priced.If your looking for a younger child, the pbs store has some cute backpacks with free monogramming .(Check on side of my blog for the coupon code).You don't need to get a new one unless it is broken,ripped or torn.That will save you some big bucks there.
4.Supplies.Again, go through your kids items. My kids usually don't need a whole new set of everything and can use previous supplies.Also, check with the school's list to make sure you purchase everything you need and don't purchase items you don't.
5.School lunches. I purchase mine through the school because of my crazy work schedule but you can brown bag it with inexpensive reusable containers and cute lunch bags.

Here are some coupons for savings for pbs charcter savings on clothes and backpacks.
PBS KID Shop - 15% Off Any Size Order

PBS KID Shop - $5 Off Orders of $25+

PBS KID Shop - Free Ground Shipping On Orders of $65+

Here's a website for back to school coupons from different merchants.

I love to hear other ways of saving money for back to school.

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