Monday, August 6, 2012

My Crazy Scrappy Patchwork Blocks

 I am making all these blocks for Xmas quilts. Hopefully I will finish them by December but I will have to see. For one quilt I am making each row a different color.

 I have 5 blocks in each row and each square is 9x9 inches. I had all these scraps from different sewing projects and I thought it would be cool to use them up and not purchase any fabric for the quilts. Well, I will have to purchase the fleece backings.

As you can probably see the middle block is the crazy quilted block while the others are just block strips. I cut out the pieces with  scissors and just trimmed everything afterwards with a blade cutter.

 I  started taking all the scraps of fabric with me to work and cut them out whenever I had time(Waiting for the van or/and riding in the van). I used every last piece and I probably won't have anymore scrapes after this.

I've added some extra notions like buttons and lace to some of the middle crazy quilted squares but it is only for this quilt as I will be giving this one to my mom and dad. I'll show you on my next post some more of my squares. 

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