Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Circus Decor

This is a little circus corner up in my 2nd floor hallway. I repainted the walls white and I have a few more things to finish but I thought you would like to see this part now.The placemat is a animal cracker pillowcase.
What to do with Mason Jars? How about putting old fisher price toys in them to see. I have many of these little people and had them stashed away. What is the point of having them if you can't see them?

Here's another jar full of the fisher price people accessories including a tractor, a stroller and few very old fisher price wooden people.

This is a doll I had since I was a baby. It's a yo yo clown doll. Cute huh for being a clown. I used a cream soda bottle as a vase for the colorful flowers.

This is one of two wooden animals my husband had made. Poor elephant had it's trunk broken and it's ears missing.  I decided to paint it and add fabric to it's nose and ears.
This is the little pig that I painted purple and added some fabric for a circus look.

I collaged the light switch for a cool look. Want to know how to do this?Right Here

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