Sunday, May 20, 2012

NCIS Till Death Do Us Part

Okay if anyone hasn't seen the season finale you can go to and watch it. You can also stop reading as I will be spoiling it for you if you haven't seen it.

It was an awesome episode continuing with the investigation of Harper Dearing who has it in for the Navy , Ncis and Gibbs. We find out that Gibbs was involved in a case that had Harper Dearing's son reassigned to the Navy ship that he died on.

Harper is a smart, tricky bastard that is so consumed with the grief of his son's death that he fails to show any remorse on taking lives to prove his point.. He continues his attacks on Ncis with kidnapping the Director but will come back to that.

Palmer's wedding is coming up and with all that is happening the team must decide. As Abby and Palmer come up to the bull pen to ask if they will be at his wedding, knowing  the importance of the case that is consuming every one's time. I felt bad for Palmer as he and Abby asked if they would be there? Unfortunately it was no and he understood but you still couldn't help feel bad for him.(Note to any Ncis characters-never get married in May. There's always something bad happening that month).

I was happy to see that after expressing his sadness at not having his Ncis family there to Ducky, Ducky assured him he would be there and that hug that followed was sweet.

Now back to Harper. Vance is finally found in a cemetery , lying in a coffin next to a rotting skeleton. The skeleton was one of Harper son's shipmate who also died with his son. The plot thickens as to why kidnap the Director? Maybe to show how vulnerable they are? Will also get back to that.

Gibbs and Ryan(Jaime Lee Curtis) have been working together on the Harper case trying to find out what his next move will be. I love how Jaime hasn't dyed her hair and she is still gorgeous(just ask the hubby who kept commenting how hot she was). Anyway, we find out she has an 14 year old son and Gibbs meets the kid. We also find out that Ryan has a psycho ex who has been released from prison thanks to Harper. This puts Ryan and her son in danger and she decides to leave town. At first Gibbs tries to change her mind but Gibbs understands her wanting to keep her son safe especially after a close call with Harper calling Ryan telling her he's watching her son. Yeah Creepy.

So now the race is on to find out Harper's plan. Gibbs enlists the help of Cole(yeah, that crazy dude that mentions Mexico to Gibbs during interrogation). Who had sold Harper those chips that are inside people's arm.(okay, if your not a regular Ncis viewer-well you need to catch up as this is from Season 8). Anyway, Cole helps but Harper knows they are using him. Damn!

So as they are in the Navy still trying to figure out what will be next on Harper's list, Vance comes down into the bull pen.
As he tells Gibbs is off to the Pentagon to meet with Sec Nav., Gibbs realizes Harper's plan. To plant a bomb in Vance's car.

Cole asks to help(bomb tech)and goes with Gibbs to the car to undo the bomb. Meanwhile the team is racing to get everyone out of the building.  We will come back again.

Palmer and his fiance decide to quickly get married so Palmer can get back to help. It's a sweet scene has his fiance understands. (keep her Palmer)

Anyway, back to the bomb. As Cole and Gibbs search and find this massive bomb in one of the seats, Cole tells him to go and get Abby out of the building as he tries to disable the bomb. As we see Gibbs rushing into the building, the bomb goes off. We see Gibbs grabbing Abby , Tony and Ziva in the elevator and McGee going down in the bull pen. You would think that would be enough. Nope.

This last scene had Ducky walking the beach in a tux. He receives a phone call about the bombing and to come in. As soon as the phone call is done, we see Ducky grabbing his chest and dropping down onto the sand. Yes, all of us watching this were depressed-saying nooooooo...... Not Ducky. The last scene you see is of Ducky lying on the sand with the waves really close to him.  It was a great season finally.

My guess on what will happen:
I am hoping Ducky doesn't die-THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE-but I think Ducky will be out of commission for awhile and Palmer will take over for him.
Ziva and Tony-won't be hurt but will be stuck in the elevator for awhile confessing something?
McGee will be minimally hurt and will be okay.
Gibbs and Abby- I think Gibbs will be hurt but okay rushing to get Abby out as she will need to be in the hospital. Gibbs will get his guy after seeing his team hurt. Don't know if they will get to know about  Ducky's condition until after they are out of the Ncis building.

So there you have it. Will see how right or wrong I am. Geez , do I really have to wait until Sep.?

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