Friday, May 18, 2012

The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible

Wendy Gardiner and  Lorna Knight
I bought this book last week but only have had a chance to really look over it the past couple of days. (No, this doesn't count on my not buying anything for this month-that was fabric,yarn, beads,etc). I like how a description of each foot and what it does including many different ways it can be used.
 Sometimes just checking online for the information takes too long and you forget where you found it. I looked at some of those interesting feet and wanted to try some new projects(yes, I know. No new projects this month).
It helped with sewing feet I forgot how to use. Of course there's a few feet I wouldn't bother with but at least I know what they do.(Bernina has so many accessory feet that you would need to check with them for a book on it. I remember at a sewing machine shop there was like close to 100 maybe?).
Here's Bernina's list.
I recommend this book for challenging yourself to trying something new on the sewing machine. Also, when buying the feet for your machine keep in mind if you will use this foot often before you spend the money to buy it.

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