Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avengers Movie

I went and saw it twice already. (By the way, never sit in the front row). I loved it. It was action packed and  funny .The actors did a great job bringing the comic book characters to life.
 I missed having Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and because of this the  Hulk looked  different than the previous movie.
Robert Downey's Iron Man was funny with the nice jabs at his fellow super heroes.Stark and Banner- Awesome  having two brilliant people work together solving Shield's problems while confusing everyone else around them.
 I really haven't read the comics on  the Avengers as I am an X-men fan but I think it did a pretty good job with it's characters.
Black Widow was great-what a tough gal for not only keeping up with the physically enhanced heroes she worked with but  dealing with all those egos. I was hoping they would show Captain America finding out about his girlfriend in the first movie but it didn't explain anything about his previous life.
Great fight scenes with not only the bad guys but between each other.
Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury was excellent as only Nick can get all these heroes to put aside their pride to work together.
Go see this movie.

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