Sunday, September 4, 2011

Xmas List

It's that time of year to start sewing, crocheting, knitting, crafting, etc. to get all those things you want to get done for Xmas. I have a small Xmas list but I need to start on it soon. Tell me yours if you like.

1. 3 Quilts for family members.
     a. two are cut out
     b. one is sewn up just needs the backing
2. 2 Shirts for my dad.
     a. need to cut out
3. 3 pj's pants for my boys.
     a. need to cut out
4. 2 Spongebob scarfs
     a. both crochet but need the face part done
5. 1 t-shirt front to a sweatshirt
     a. need to cut out sleeves

I told you my list was small well medium. I will put up pictures of my progress when I really get started on this.

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