Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fabric Stashes

I've been wanting to reorganize my fabrics for awhile. I have them sort of organized by color but I need to redo it all again and see what is staying and what is going(usually the fabric that people seem to give you so they don't have to deal with it and you won't use). I have one Rubbermaid of fabric and 3 small white buckets of fabric. Oh, and there's a few fabrics folded under the sewing machines. I am going to refold it all this weekend and make it look better. So I thought I put up a few photos of inspiration.

There's a whole group on flickr called Stash Happy Group. Here's a few of the photos there.

From the The Domestic Diva
Love your Presser Foot-here

From the Little Green Bean-Here- shows you how to fold it

From Homework here how to make a Swatch Book of all your fabric

Ways to Organize your Fabric.
From Turning Turning

Find out how to fold fabric into this extremely organized art work.
Good luck in cleaning up your stashes.


firebellybalmer said...

wow! I love the first photo! I like how its encased in a bookcase. I had to go through my stash too. However Im going to be cutting fabrics tonight, and we know that means it'll be allllll over the place. Good luck with your organization project!!!

Erika's Chiquis said...

I know-you get it neat then use some and it is a mess again.
Thanks, I'll post a picture when I am done.