Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Fabric Stash

I finished folding the last of the fabric. Most of it was already folded so I kinda cheated. I emptied two buckets(one of fabric and one of yarn)and emptied a Rubbermaid. Yes, I am getting rid of a trash bag full of fabric. I will never get to it(chiffon, silk,etc) and it is the type of fabric I don't care to sew with.
Now don't laugh. I don't really have a fabric stash. It is a sad one compared to others but for me it is a little too much already so don't expect me to go out and fill in the stuff used or even shop for anymore fabric this year. Unless it is for a custom skirt for a customer.

 Here's my collection of Halloween, Skulls(Pirate,Gothic,etc) and Super Hero Fabric. I had this organized already but rearranged it a bit. No, its not super duper neat like those stashes you see but I have many other things to do besides fold flippin fabric.
 This was the fabric folded in those buckets.( I still have 3 buckets left-one has old 30's n 40's patterns that I will sell in the future, 1 bucket has all the fabric for pillowcases for my etsy store and the last one has my stash for my belly dance costumes).
 I put this fabric here so I can start on my Gothic Lolita Steampunk Skirts soon.
 More fabric for my Lolita skirts.
 Found my Scooby Doo flannel. This is for my boys pj pants for Xmas. Shh, don't tell them.
 Here's the rest of my random cotton fabric but most of it is brocade. I love brocade and started collecting them and well, it is time to use it. I figured I put the fabric out to see since I bought  it for that reason in the first place.
In back of my brocade is all the lace( not too much)fabric for the bottoms of skirts I make.
 This is all the yarn I have. Don't laugh, I know it isn't much and no, I'm not replacing what I use. Going to use this all up before buying anymore. I actually used up all my cotton yarn for wash cloths(wait , I have one to go) and all of my wool for soakers.
 I pulled out my green fabric for a customer whom I am making a 10 yd skirt. Wanted to show her some of it.
So my cleaning of my fabric is done. I've actually done cleaning up everything that I wanted(got rid of skirts, jewelry, patterns, fabric, shoes,etc) and I have about 10 trash bags ready to go to Goodwill. I am glad to get rid of all this as it is such a pain in the ass trying to keep up with all this stuff. Why keep it if your not going to use it. Now if I could only get my family to cooperate.

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