Friday, August 12, 2011

UFO's Sewing , etc.

After reading the Domestic Diva's Blog about UFOs(unfinished projects) and PHD's (projects half done) , I decided to post mine up since I finished redoing my sewing/laundry room.

These are home projects-meaning for myself and family and not to sell.
 1. Item:
This is part of my son's shirt that was ripped due to an accident(no, I'm not going to tell you about it) and I kept it to make him a sweatshirt out of it.
How long waiting?
Over a year
To have it done for Xmas this year.

 2. Item:
Shirts I planned to make for work-two of them.
How long waiting?
1 year
Try to get to them this year but since we are going to scrubs(GAG)it's not a pressing project.
 3. Item:
  3 quilts about full size. I had planned to have for Xmas last year.(Yeah, I got hurt and couldn't finish)
How long waiting?
Last year for Xmas.
To have them done for Xmas this year.
Update: Have one almost sew up and bought the backing for it.
 4. Item:
 Costume for a solo. A top(you see here) and a 20 yd skirt(not shown).
How long waiting?
2 years. I started it and couldn't finish it for 2010 solo so I never got back into it.
Don't have one at the moment =it's not a pressing project.
5. Item
Grocery Bags since my family stolen my other ones for who knows what.
How long waiting?
For about a year.
I started sewing them up and plan to have them done within the next two weeks. I really need them.
Update: All seams are sewn just need to add handles.

6. Item:
Mata Hari Costume
How long waiting?
I started it in 06' and have it almost done except for waistband on the skirt and the beading on the top.
Not a pressing project as you can see how long its already taken.

So for now that is all I have. I will post my business UFOs next time.

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