Monday, August 22, 2011

Updating the UFOs List

Since I posted last week my UFOs and PHDs list for both home and biz projects, I have finished quite a bit.
I wanted to redo my list since over half of the biz list is done.(The home one -well, I got one thing done on that list). I will post newer photos later but for now , here it is.

1. Item

Patchwork skirt(A Geisha's Dance)
How long waiting?
2 months
Plan:Plan to have it done before the end of August.
Update:Sewed up hem and sewed up two tiers.Need one more tier to finish.

2. Item:

Patchwork Skirt(No name for it yet).
How Long Waiting?
2 months.
Plan:To have it done before the end of August.

3. Item:

Crochet Skirt
How long waiting?Just started it.
Plan :To have it done by the end of next week. I'm having fun doing this.
Update: The crochet part is done. Now I have to make the under skirt.


Crochet Diaper cover
How Long waiting?
1 month
Plan: Its a at work project while in the van or waiting for the van so maybe a couple of weeks and it will be done.

5. Item:

Three Tassel Belts
How long waiting?
1 month
Plan: To finish them by the middle of Sep.

6. Item

Patchwork Skirt of elves(No name for this skirt yet).
How long waiting?
2 years -at least
Plan: To have it done by the end of Sept.
Update: Finished another tier One tier to go and the hem. Bought and cut fabric to finish hem.

7. Item

One bracelet needs shink it charms redone.
How Long Waiting.?
A little over a month.
Plan: To have it done this week. 

Okay, that is it for now. New pics coming soon.

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