Friday, August 12, 2011

Organizing My Sewing and Laundry Room

 This is where I keep my Cd's, tapes and vinyls. My husband made a wooden frame for my Catwoman poster. I stenciled  and painted the frame ,on the right,  in gold. The hooks on the left hold my bags and belly dance belts.
 I have 2 sergers and 2 sewing machines and I made all the covers for them. I stenciled these walls and added rhinestones to them. The girls dancing can be removed-they are those non permanent stickers. The cross stitch picture was bought at a yard sale.

I love using glass containers for my buttons and beads.

Here's another glass container with buttons and glass cups with my scissors and pliers for making jewelry.Yes, that is a photo of Bono.

 Most of notions, supplies and anything else are either in glass containers, boxes or like my scissors in glass cups. I put my snaps in these recycled drink mix containers that work really well.I have a peg board to thumb tack my patterns, notions , etc.
 The left has my collection of jewelry that I will be sorting and getting rid of a few pieces. The buckets on the right have either yarn or fabric. The flowers hanging are my hair flowers for dancing.I painted the doors to my laundry room gold too. I used sari fabric for a drape over the entrance.

 I have a whole ceiling full of wind chimes and other cool things hanging around.
This is my laundry room and the two purple Rubbermaid's on the left hold my costumes. The fabric on top is my collection of Halloween fabric that I someday will make a quilt for myself.

The shoe holder has all my scraps that I use to make skirts.Each slot has a color folded all together. The rest of the containers in the back hold notions and other things I use.
I have only one draw full of patterns. I had at one time 3 but got rid of quite of few.

Is my plastic container for my ribbons, the little dresser box has all my sewing and serger feet. These pretty boxes contain beads and other things for making jewelry.

Well that was your tour through my sewing/laundry room.

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