Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Joker Costume Part 2

I had written about this Joker costume I made back in the 90's here  I wanted to update it since now there is a pattern for it. There are many tutorials on how to make it and I give some details in my previous blog but I will give more details here.

You can just buy the Simplicity pattern which includes everything except the spats.

You can also just buy the shirt and vest at a Goodwill store but the colors are hard to find. I bought my shirt at Goodwill and dyed it. I bought a baggy pants (Zootsuit pattern) for the pants and I bought a separate pattern for the jacket and the vest. Shoes can be bought at Goodwill. It depends on what you need. It also depends on what version of Joker you are going to do. Movie versions, cartoon, video games.

Here is a pdf for a spat pattern

Great info from Anthony Misiano also known as Harley's Joker.

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