Monday, December 31, 2018

Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies

I wanted to list and tell you what I use from the Dollar Tree for cleaning. I will eventually show some of my organizing items from the Dollar Tree in another blog. I am no way a cleaning expert or have one of those fancy super clean houses like on youtube. I find those videos helpful at times but unrealistic since a majority of those on those youtube channels are homebased employed people. If you have animals, kids or both combined with a spouse, work full time, school full time-you know what I am talking about. Its a losing battle at times because you can put up lists, yell at people and or even kindly ask and most of the time no one listens. How frustrating is it when you have  cleaned your home when you leave for work and come back from a 12 hour day to see your kitchen and everything else trashed and no one even left some dinner for you. Yeah,  So as the only person who basically cleans and organizes in a house of dirty men, I understand your frustration.

Here is my list
These cleaning clothes are 24 inches by 16 inches. They are great for cars but I also use them for dusting knick knacks and hand cleaning my floors. I wet them in warm water and add a little soap for either dusting or washing floors. You could also use them in your Swiffer mop. Easy to clean and dry-just throw in the washer. I don't put them in the dryer because they dry quickly just hang drying them.
I use this scrub brush not for dishes but for cleaning my shower. I add vinegar and dawn to the soap dispenser in it and wash my shower walls and glass with it.

These are great for the kitchen or the bathroom.

Mr. Clean's Magic eraser is great for cleaning walls and glass. I use it on my mirrors and glass shower doors mostly. I use the sponge dry and it wipes off spots quickly.

This brush is great for scrubbing surfaces that need a little more attention. You could use it in the kitchen or the bathroom. I find it great cleaning off kitchen sinks or shower floors. 

I use this squeegee to clean up my shower especially the glass doors when I am done showering. I know it sounds excessive but I like my shower doors clean.

Swiffers are great for reaching places that are hart to get. They pick up dust really well. I recently bought the one that extends longer(Dollar Tree doesn't sell them) and am able to get upper walls, fans and other higher up areas. I also made my own Swiffer pads with fleece. I use furniture polish to spray on my fleece pads and it attracts and clings the dust to the fleece pads.

Always handy to have on hand when you don't want to pull out a broom. It easy to get on top of places like sewing tables, floors of sewing rooms where it is hard to reach with a broom.
I love these spray bottles. I make my own shower cleaner(1 part white vinegar and 1 part dawn), glass cleaner(vinegar) and have one with just water that is used when I iron. 

I didn't want to spend money on a toilet brush. Why? Because its a toilet brush. Anyway, I pour some cleaner(you can use anything natural or store bought - I usually just use 1 part water and 1 part cleaner)into the container the brush sits in so you can quickly clean and it doesn't get gross. I usually just do  a quick clean of the toilet in the morning. I would change the containers contents every two weeks.

 I see all these gadgets on youtube and think I don't need to spend so much on cleaning items. 

I hope that help with finding inexpensive items to clean your house.

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