Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Wolverine

  I know there's gonna be controversy, not enough action,not true to the comic book, blah blah blah but I did enjoy the film. I know the film doesn't go by the comic book(I think most comic book junkie's found this out from the first Wolverine movie and X-men movies)but I still liked it. I'm not gonna go into details but it was kinda nice to see Wolverine among normal people. Unlike the other movies where we are inside the mutants world here we see it reversed. I love this character and I've read Wolverine comic novels, comic books, etc. and everyone seems to have their own version so this film is another version of Wolverine.
  Plus, I love how Hugh Jackman plays him. He truly loves this character and it shows. Plus, this man really, really works hard on the physical part. Yes, those shirtless scenes are delightful!!!

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