Monday, July 29, 2013

Fairy Gardens

    Last week I made my own. I was tired of one space that couldn't grow flowers(only weeds)because my chickens usually stepped on the tiny flowers or other things happened in that spot. So I finally decided to do it. I will post pictures of that soon too.
  I should also let you know I finished a lot of projects that I've mentioned here in the past months that I really, really need to show you. I finished my Monster High shadow box, fleece stuffed elephant, one blue haired Raggedy Ann doll, my redecorated sewing room(added tons more lanterns, glass bulbs and wind chimes to the ceiling- plus lights) , the blouses I had on my to do list, the Xmas quilts and other things.
  I promise to get pictures very, very soon but for now here are some photos of fairy gardens.

Pahl's Market-more info here
Swell Gallery
Trash into Junk link here
Philly Urban Gardens-here
Home Depot link here

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