Monday, July 1, 2013

Man of Steel and World War Z

I liked the movie and didn't mind it was 2 1/2 hours long. I won't go into details but I liked how he was bullied as a child(how can Superman be bullied right?)Anyway, how alone he felt then and even now. Best of all Earth doesn't trust him which is a contrast to other movies. Loved having Russell Crowe as his Krypton father and Kevin Costner as his Earth father. I recommend this movie-plus how hot is Henry Cavill shirtless!!

Now I hate horror movies and a lot of these gory disaster/zombie/end of the world movies. So when my son mentioned this movie I had doubts. He showed me trailers of it and I was curious especially the zombies running and just climbing one on top of another to get over walls,etc. Okay, it helped having Brad Pitt in it too.
 I felt the despair of his character looking out in the plane seeing the zombies running everywhere and the city in flames. Especially the part of the nuclear bomb going off in the distant.Made me glad this was just a movie.
 I recommend this movie and yes, Brad Pitt is still hot .

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