Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monster Doll Pattern

I know,I know I shouldn't be doing other projects when I have so many waiting to be finished. I can't help it and a plus- I used fabric I already had. Once in while it's okay to do something different.
I made a monster doll out of pattern from McCalls 5826.

It was pretty easy. The only confusion was that I had to keep certain patterns pieces with certain bodies. As long as you mark those pieces you are all set . I don't tape my patterns together but pin them instead. Tape would rip the pieces once you took them apart.
I used cotton fabric that I had laying around.I also used some felt(found on a t-shirt from my youngest in the wash? Yes, I have no idea where it came from -probably school). Had to buy some Dmc floss for the mouth which I had a hard time doing since I haven't done that type of hand sewing in a long time.
I had stuffing laying around too. It didn't take too long maybe an hour in half because I had to cut out the pattern pieces.
I used one cat eye for my monster.

Isn't he cute. I'll make another one soon. Yes, I know my eye is a bit crooked  but he is still cute.

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