Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy Quilts n Other Things

While surfing the web and checking out crazy quilts, I came across this blog.  What a gorgeous quilt.

From Kitty Me Designs -Pamela Kellogg-take a look here too
I have been working on my to do list and actually finished my son's sweatshirt. At one time it was going to be hoodie until my son let me know that he doesn't like hoodies. I also didn't know I was almost done with it except for the ribbing on the neck and sleeves. I would have shown you a picture but my batteries died on my camera and my kids took all my spare batteries. I'll be posting it later this week but at least I finished my project for this week.
I also finished another project from my list. I finished my shirt that at one time I wasn't even going to make. I'll get a picture of that too. I'd also found green fabric for a second shirt that I was going to make. Will I make it? Most likely.
One last thing I did was almost finish that pirate dance top that was on my list. I had a skirt to finish for a customer so I kinda went wild with the rolled edge on my serger. I actually finished rolled edges on a few things from a pirate skirt I made years ago, on my petticoat and some other fabric while I had the black thread on it.

So later this week I  will put pictures of those items. I am ahead of schedule on my to do list. I guess treatening myself to burn that fabric if it isn't finish is one way to get me to finish it.

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