Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year-Finish Projects 2

Well, I did finish numbers 1 and 2 projects and part of 4. I actually cut out all this projects fabric. Yes, I'm on a roll and now I plan to finish these projects(except the Halloween Quilt) by Summer.

This isn't the correct photo for it as these quilts are done but you get the idea. I actually found out after I cut the fabric out for it that I had enough fabric for 3 Xmas quilts. Now I have no idea who wants a Xmas quilt or another type of quilt. I'm still making the 3 quilts as I made 7 quilts last year for Xmas. I'm sure someone will want it for Xmas. I'll decide later who. So for the month of February, my goal is to finish the 3 quilts and it is okay if I go into March to finish them. Since I will have to purchase fleece or flannel for the backing of it. 

Anyone else have a goal for this coming month? Tell me about it. 
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