Sunday, November 8, 2009

NCIS-Gibb's House and Boat

This past week showed Gibb's boat totally finished. You see him always working on them but never see them done. Too bad it had to be cut up. Watch the episode to see before reading anymore. Anyway, something I thought they wouldn't show, which I do like about NCIS leaving certain things to the imagination, was Gibb's living room and kitchen. I loved the living room wall crammed with books. I figured he was an avid reader knowing how he hates T.V. Also, this episode showed Mike Franks' daughter in law and granddaughter and a character from season 4 or 5. Damon, the super soldier who gave the team a few bumps and bruises on that episode.
There's a lot more too but its better if you go and watch the episode instead.

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