Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Unique Sewing Rooms

This is an older post I had in my drafts since 2011 that I never put up  so I thought I post it now even though I've already put up some of these sites before.
I have been enjoying seeing all kinds of different sewing/crafting rooms. I thought I post some up so you could enjoy too.

From a Messy Jesse a organized sewing room. Very nice. More pics on her blog.

This from Home Designing  on their Craft Room and Home Studio Ideas

From All Sorts this awesome bright studio.
More here-check it out.

From Home Sweet  Home she has a picture of this sewing room original from Better Homes and Garden.

From Sew Many Ways is a lot of photos of her sewing room.

More photos are here of this lovely room.

This colorful room is from Mod Kid Boutique is wonderful. Check out the site for more photos.

I hope that was fun and maybe inspires you do something cool in your sewing room.

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Quilting Moesje said...

I love the sewing room with 'dream' hanging in it :0))
Such as the pink chair :0)))