Monday, November 23, 2009

My cat, Ms. Kitty Died

She died yesterday. She was over 18 years old. I've never had a pet for so long and her being so old , I knew she wasn't going to be around much longer but it still sucks. She was a very independent cat and didn't care for too many people touching her. She would rough house with my husband and purr while playing rough with him. She was dumped 18 years ago near our house and had been with us ever since. So, I really don't know how old she is as she was already an adult when she came to us. She would kill mice and put them on my husband's truck step as a gift. She was a great mouser. She even held up her own against big dogs we had. We have another cat that she hated. She would hide behind the bedroom door and went for the other cat to walk in and then pounce on her . She didn't like other animals.It was funny watching this. Earlier this year she started to go blind but still went all over the house. Totally independent and still hissing at the dogs that came near her. I will miss her greatly but I'm sure she's having fun pouncing on some cats and mice up in heaven.

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