Thursday, March 29, 2018

Super Hero Pillow Cases Los Chiquitos

Currently sold out but more are coming.

Batman Can be purchased here

Captain America Can be purchased here

Star Wars Can be purchased here

I have been sewing up some new pillow cases and I am really concentrating on Super Heroes and Heroines. I love the movies but I was a fan before the current trend. I used to collect comic books and when the local store left, I didn't buy anymore. There wasn't a place to buy them. That local comic book shop came back but now I don't work near there anymore plus it has gotten expensive and I have so many already. I use to collect only female comic books and the only exception was Wolverine. I collected Catwoman, Elektra, X-Men and any short series ones like Storm, Black Cat, etc...

Anyway, looking forward to Avenger Infinity Wars.
You can purchase any of these pillow cases at Los Chiquitos. Plus I have more Marvel Heroes and DC heroes in my shop including the Avengers, Superman and Green Lantern.

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